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Honeymoon and Destination Wedding Registry

You've registered for all of your wedding gifts - the good china, everyday china, flatware, towels, linens, glasses, luggage, pots and pans. All of these will make wonderful gifts, and you definitely will need them in your new home. But what about your honeymoon? That special honeymoon is usually one of the more costly facets of a wedding celebration for the bride and groom. We have the perfect solution. Register your Honeymoon or Destination Wedding with Antietam Travel Service! 

Your honeymoon should be one of the more relaxing aspects of your wedding planning. Nowadays it seems that the bride and groom spend months planning the perfect wedding by agonizing over every minute detail to assure that it meets everyone's approval. In the meantime, you neglect your honeymoon planning. But your honeymoon is a special trip - the one that you will remember for the rest of your lives. At Antietam Travel Service we understand this, so we have created a way to help you pay for your dream honeymoon. Your guests try very hard to buy you the perfect gift. Why not give them one more choice? Let them help with your honeymoon! You pick where you want to go, and we will arrange the rest. 

After you have booked and deposited your honeymoon with your professional travel consultant at Antietam Travel Service, let your closest family and friends know. We will set up a Web page for your honeymoon on our Web site for them to visit, as well as a page that explains how they can contribute toward your dream honeymoon. We will send you a copy of their gift acknowledgement so you can send a thank-you note. Not only will this help pay for your honeymoon, but it is also very convenient for your guests. They simply contact Antietam Travel Service and arrange for payment in any amount they wish. What could be more convenient and simple? 

The Honeymoon Registry is a special free service for our local clients. To find out more and to start planning your dream honeymoon, simply stop by Antietam Travel Service, give us a call, or provide the following information, and one of our professional travel consultants will contact you. This offer is for weddings in the Frederick area, as we always strive to provide truly personal service.